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Ann Difani – San Antonio Audition – American Idol 12….As Seen On ©Fox Wed & Thurs 8pm Visual Content By Fremantlemedia, All Rights Reserved. Vote Here:

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American Idol has booted contestant Jermaine Jones for reasons unrelated to singing. The 25-year-old vocal instructor who Ryan Seacrest dubbed the Gentle Giant wrote on his official Idol Twitter account that he would no longer be on the show. TMZ reports that Jones concealed his criminal history and has outstanding warrants. Patrick Jones has more on the drama.

One of the best american idol moments

Angela and Jon sing Hallelujah.

Some saw Shannon as a gormless geek;
Someone to mock; an uncool freak.
But she was a girl with a very sharp mind:
A brighter girl, it would be hard to find.

With the Beast, she became quite obsessed;
She asked friends to help her in her quest.
She had seen a hazy image in a photograph,
But, at her, the others still loved to laugh.

That the Beast existed, Shannon would swear;
But, the lack of evidence, she could not bear.
The Beast’s presence, she was able to sense,
But she needed to gather some real evidence.

Being called a liar, she could not stand,
So off she went with her camera in hand.
She would often go out in the dead of night:
Within her heart, she would feel such fright;

Talking about the Beast, she soon became a bore;
Everyone had heard her story many times before.
After strange events, she had strong suspicions;
Following this, she went all out on her mission.

In the end, the shocking truth was finally revealed;
In the process, Shannon nearly got herself killed.
She soon discovered that she wasn’t round the bend:
The Beast she’d been hunting was Maddy, her friend.

Angela Wybrow

Sometimes, my shadow appears really short and small;
Whilst, at others, it stretches ahead of me, thin and tall.
Sometimes, my shadow is behind me; sometimes it’s in front.
Quite often, for my shadow, I find myself having to hunt.

Depending on how the street lamps shine their light,
My shadow may be hidden, or may be within my sight.
Sometimes, I have two shadows, plus me;
Then I appear in triplicate: one, two, three.

Sometimes, when I take my time, my shadow seems to rush;
My shadow dances round me, amid the dark night’s hush.
When I wander through an unlit patch, my shadow disappears;
Although I cannot see it for a moment, I know that it is still near.

As I emerge back into the light, I’m rejoined by my shadow.
My best buddy and I are very firmly attached, down at the toe.
My shadow is featureless; of me, it’s just a darkened outline.
During my night-time journey, it’s an ever changing design.

To my shadowy friend, I do feel really very attached.
We are two of a kind, and, I think, very well matched.
My shadow and I, travel everywhere together;
From each other, we will never ever be severed.

Angela Wybrow

Madison Square Gardens had never seen a mermaid.
Now, here she was, so far from home she’d never go back.
Stitched into the dress, a cage around her flesh, so tight
there’s no mannequin in all America could fit in.

Served up in sheer silk, studded
with the weight of six thousand diamante stones,
a gauzy tail. More enticing than naked, she looked,
as she sang and blew her angel’s kiss to Mr President.

One spark could have ignited her where she stood,
the dress a confection of flammable fabric.
No-one cared that night as they stitched her in
each pin-tight tack holding her fast. Happy Birthday.

Angela Topping

Around Camden Market, there’s a lively pace,
But, just minutes away, there’s a different place.
It’s as though you have entered another world:
A whole new kingdom is suddenly unfurled.

There, you’ll discover tranquillity and peace;
Life’s hustle and bustle will suddenly cease.
It’s a peaceful haven: a welcome oasis of calm;
It’s a really special place, packed full of charm.

It was a warm, sunny day – perfect for walking;
On the benches, people sat reading, or just talking.
Along the canal, painted narrow-boats cruised;
Further upstream, people were paddling canoes.

Ducks and moorhens were dotted here and there.
At a Friesian cow sculpture, I stopped and stared.
Wavy patterns decorated the bridges’ undersides.
For cyclists, the towpath made a pleasant ride.

As I passed London Zoo, I heard a waterfall:
Not what I expected to hear in London at all!
I spied some posh villas sitting atop the bank:
No doubt, the residences of the upper ranks.

Further along, the mood was suddenly broken:
It was as though the world had suddenly woken.
I heard the loud rumble of a passenger train,
And, through the sky, there roared a jet plane.

To follow the towpath, I just felt compelled:
Jewels like this, I never knew London held.
One of London’s hidden gems, I uncovered;
This place, I felt so thrilled to have discovered.

Angela Wybrow

Angie Miller performing ‘Lost In The Sound’ Red Decibel Music Group and 19 Management. Get the EP “Weathered” on iTunes November 12. Follow Angie On Twitter: @AngieMiller Tags: Angie Miller…

Kree Harrison – Solo & Judges Decisions – American Idol 12…As Seen On ©Fox Wed & Thurs 8pm Visual Content By Fremantlemedia, All Rights Reserved. Vote Here:

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Munfarid Zaidi – Crazy for You – American Idol 13….As Seen On ©Fox Wed & Thurs 8pm Visual Content By Fremantlemedia, All Rights Reserved.